Who's Heather?

Personality tests label me a Blue Melancholy Beaver which means that I am very into planning & schedules; yet, I enjoy the unexpected adventure and will try anything (that's ethical) at last once.
I love to travel.
I love to eat healthy & adventurously.
I love to listen to people who speak the Truth.
I want to live my life with purpose.
I want to truly love.
I want to truly walk with God. I want to be approachable.
I want to be effective, efficient, and excellent.
I want to be happily married (check!).
I want to be a true friend.
(I’m trying to make every single sentence begin w/ I since this is supposed to be all about me :)) I love to make jokes and laugh at them. :)
And you must know:
I get black all over my eyes when I put mascara on-I’m sure because my lashes are so long. :)
I’m a certified personal trainer who needs to practice all she knows. :)
I'm the proud owner of a Turbo Cooker, a Vita-Mix, a Winsor Pilates & Slim-in-6 series; a Body by Jake machine, and an Estabann classical guitar--all purchased from infomercials and all put to use. (Well, at least occasionally) :)
I love Smoothie King.